A few years back, I participated in a tech business competition, as a panelist, among venture capitalists. The purpose of the competition was to evaluate the businesses and pick the most viable/promising of the businesses, which would then win a cash prize. It was also an opportunity for the venture capitalists to evaluate the businesses […]

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It is useful to consider the difficult choices that may be made to ensure that there is meaningful job creation as an alternative merely throwing money at a problem despite good intentions. Two factors determine the employment picture in Kenya, and new policy approaches are required around these because the mere push of funds into […]

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Asia Is Not Always The Cheaper Manufacturing Destination

March 13, 2014

A couple years into the business, the 46-year-old realised that aside from quality and pricing, the main challenges posed by imports was the discrepancy between the size of women in different parts of the world. “I am a large in Asia and in Kenya I am a small. So (by importing from Asia) we couldn’t […]

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Uwezo Fund: Why Does The Government Ignore The Obvious?

February 26, 2014

So the Uwezo Youth Fund is here! I love the idea of funding youth (and women) for business, and building enterprise. Enabling entrepreneurship is a sure way of creating employment. According to the website, the Uwezo Fund is a youth and women’s fund which was launched by the president, who allocated the  Kshs. 6 billion […]

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The Monkey Business Illusion

February 20, 2014

This video was shared at a session I was in last week, I found it interesting and thought to share.

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Death By Licensing: How Nairobi County Is Discouraging Small Businesses

February 17, 2014

In this post, we explored ways the government could make it easier for us to do business in Kenya, and key was the licensing procedures and costs. Well, since then, not only has the number of licenses increased, the county government (Nairobi) also reviewed costs upwards. This morning I looked at the list of licenses […]

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My Life Story and My Thoughts About Privilege

February 13, 2014

This morning, Ciiku tweeted about thin privilege (fat discrimination), and it got me smiling. See we have been talking about privilege A LOT on the Kenyan social media scene. The other day I was in a discussion that was about the value of “work hard platitudes” that most of us dispense when talking to young […]

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The Cost Of Mobile Banking And How To Save For Your Next Holiday

February 6, 2014

When is the last time you scrutinized and totaled up what you pay in a month for M Pesa transfers, withdrawals, and M Pesa to bank? Usually I do not. When I receive my bank statement, I confirm that all the receipts and payments are in order, and that the fixed monthly fee is as […]

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Athletes Vs Kenya Revenue Authority: What Does The Income Tax Act Say

January 28, 2014

There has been a lot of debate about the athletes taxation issue online of late. I have found myself caught up in the debate, especially because my strong opinion is that athletes ought to pay taxes. Yes, there is the risk of double taxation when they earn an income in countries which Kenya does not […]

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Why We Worship The Rich

January 24, 2014

In America, and much of the world, money is the yardstick by which all things are measured. The familiar rejoinder “if you’re so smart how come you’re not rich” says it all. Even intelligence can be questioned if one’s bank account isn’t sufficiently large. Until we realize that money and wealth, at their best, are […]

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