The 2015 African Blogger Awards – now open for entries

Entries to the 2015 African Blogger Awards are now open to bloggers, Instagrammers, Tweeters, Facebookers and YouTubers across Africa. The African Blogger Awards are the first programme that measures online and social influencers’ reach and influence through data analysis. This provides the opportunity for influencers to be measured objectively against their peers based on their […]

  Why Apple is Borrowing Yet It Has So Much Cash. In Simple Terms

If you have been following financial news, you have probably seen Apple’s corporate bond announcement seeking to raise $6.5 billion for a share repurchase scheme. This seems puzzling because just a few days ago, we were all aghast at Apple’s huge cash reserves of $158 billion. So why is Apple issuing a bond? First a […]

  Important Factors To Consider Before Joining A Startup Incubator

The startup phase of a business is often a tough and lonely time for an entrepreneur, especially when one is short of funds. Joining an incubator often fixes many of the difficulties at once: the incubator (may) offer funding or access to potential funders, office space, mentorship, the company of other entrepreneurs and much needed […]